Not now… maybe later


Becca Tyler, Staff Writer

A scenario that happens all too often in the life of a high school student, procrastination: putting off tomorrow what should be done today. 

“In high school, it’s really hard to avoid procrastination because it’s so easy to give in to,” Alex Dioguardi, sophomore, said. 

In a 1991 study, researcher Joseph Ferrari found that about 20 percent of adults admit to being “chronic procrastinators” meaning they constantly put off tasks until the last possible second to be completed. With numbers like these, there must be ways for people to make a change. 

“I procrastinate all the time, and I usually get away with it,” Nick Żaczek, sophomore, said. 

One strategy that works for some is to make a daily to-do list. If students write down their goals for that day and complete a portion of a larger task, they will not stress as much on the final night before the assignment due date. 

However, being able to physically see everything that needs to be done may be overwhelming if there are too many tasks to do in one day, which is why it is so important to break down tasks.  

“I try to take it one bite at a time… if you can break it down into smaller tasks, it becomes less overwhelming,” Anne Thiers, Creekview media specialist, said. 

To-do lists are not for everyone. If that is the case, a reminder may be helpful. It could be a person, or a phone, but if someone sees a nagging reminder of what needs to be done, it forces the brain to acknowledge the work that is not finished. 

“Procrastination is my worst habit, but making to-do lists in my notes helps me a lot because whenever I check one off, I feel accomplished,” Ava Vild, sophomore, said. 

One other important way to be more productive is to dedicate time each day to a task. Set aside an hour or two to work every day, and it will become routine. Scheduling is a strong way to stay on track. 

Another tip, tune out all the temptations that could be distracting. Silence social media or put distractions in another room. Physically separating from items can prove challenging but will help achieve desired outcomes.  

“In order to get stuff done, and stay on top of my classes, I have to put all my distractions away and do my work,” Dioguardi said. 

Procrastination is a way of life for many people, and it may seem nerve-wracking to try to change. Take it one step at a time, and life may become less stressful.