Shopping for swag


Sweatshirts and hoodies for sale.

Becca Tyler and Rebecca Duncan

Canton Marketplace, Avalon, Woodstock Outlets, Amazon, these are just some of the places where teenagers in Canton can purchase their style needs, but the Creekview community has another option; students can shop for trendy fashions, right here, on their way to class. 

Most Friday mornings, the Creekview school store opens at 7:45 a.m. Students walking by can stop by to shop before class. The wide selection of merchandise ranges from clothing to accessories appealing to students, teachers, and parents.  

“I think the school store is so cute and up-to-date on the current fashion trends,” Bella Pellegrino, sophomore, said. 

For those not able to stop by during the school day, the store also sets up shop at the Grizzly Den during football games and at some middle and elementary school events.  

“We have found that over the past three years, we tend to make more profit doing pop up shops at football games, zone schools, or special events,” Ashley Jones, marketing teacher, said. 

Run by Jones and her marketing students, the staff designs and creates all the original apparel and merchandise in class to be sold in the store and online. The money the store generates is put directly back into the store’s fund. Financial students in the third-year marketing class receive hands-on training from Jones on budgeting and financing.   

“We use a lot of input from the students to help create designs that are appealing to current trends,” Jones said. 

Many students have seen the hundreds of likes on the TikTok posts made by the Creekview school store. Students and staff are constantly posting on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok about the new merchandise. Making Creekview’s community aware of the unique products has boosted sales which allows new opportunities for marketing students. 

“We help advertise all our new merch and events we have going on, so everyone can know about it and have giveaways and fun interactive things, so more people will pay attention to the store,” Sophia Dougherty, junior, marketing student said.  

Every Christmas season, DECA (Distributive Education Club of America) puts on a fundraiser selling festive Creekview merchandise to raise money for the club activities, like their field trip to an Atlanta Hawks Basketball game. This year, the club sold more than a hundred new seasonal crewneck sweatshirts for its second annual Christmas fundraiser. 

With all the store’s posts, it has started an online ordering service. This allows for scheduled curbside pickup all through the day, organized by appointments.