Coaching to success

Emma Pethel, Staff Writer

There is no shortage of coaches at Creekview. From football to color guard, and every activity in between, students have ample opportunity to be coached by some of the best. This year there is a new coach at Creekview, but students are not her focus. Amanda Farist is here to help coach teachers. Farist is Creekview’s newest ILS (Instructional Lead Strategist). Her focus is on helping teachers reach their potential.  

“This job is cool because I get to see what goes on in everyone’s classroom and help support teaching across all the areas,” Farist said. 

Farist’s job involves her helping and supporting teachers as well as travelling in and out of school often. 

“I miss the classroom, and I miss the students, but I do really love getting to support teachers because I love teachers and teaching. I love it all,” Farist said. 

After teaching literature for 11 years at River Ridge High School, Farist eventually switched jobs and schools for a new change. She has embraced her new position because she is allowed to spend time off campus completing her day-to-day work. 

Farist plans to support Creekview’s staff and faculty to the best of her ability. As a previous teacher herself, she wants others to feel happy and welcome when they enter the building. 

“I want to foster relationships and leverage relationships with teachers to help grow our school, so that teachers want to come to school(…) My long-term goal is to continue to focus on supporting people and leveraging the talent and the leadership we have here at Creekview,” Farist said.  

Farist finds it important to personally connect with everyone at Creekview. In the future, she hopes to make a big impact on the student population and teaching staff alike by bettering the teaching staff and the student body they manage.