New principles


Reece Gramling, Staff Writer

Late to school? In danger of losing a parking pass? Rules regarding parking passes are driving some Creekview students mad even though they have been in place for years. 

Those adjustments and many more greeted Grizzlies this year with the arrival of a new principal. 

Mike Santoro has come to Creekview from Woodstock Middle School. This is his first year as a high school principal. He replaced Dr. Sue Zinkil who left midway last year.  

Santoro noticed one area that needed immediate focus—student tardies. The county policy states when students are late to school too many times, they risk losing the coveted parking spaces.  

“I think it is unreasonable because students pay so much for parking passes, and it can also increase the number of students speeding,” Ashley Sticher, sophomore, said. 

Santoro is merely enforcing the student policy that all students signed when they got a parking spot. 

“We have over 100 students on [the] parking waiting list, and we want to be sure students are following CCSD regulations to enjoy the opportunity to park,” Santoro said. 

Other students welcome the change. 

“I think it awards students who get to school on time,” Amelia Sheehan, freshman, said. 

Another change Santoro brought was moving the vending machines to areas in or around the cafeteria, so students are not wandering the halls when they should be in class. 

“It was really more for the teachers and everyone else; they were a little frustrated, and I get it,” Santoro said. 

The change seems to be appreciated. 

“Moving the vending machines has been great for my students’ success. Now my students are in class, engaged and learning, and they’re not wandering the halls looking for nacho chips or a soft drink,” Marsha Loversky, English teacher, said. 

Santoro believes the way he interacts with students is key to his success. 

“If I were to come on the announcements in the morning and be really droopy, dreary, and gloomy, and didn’t interact, and simply didn’t get on the announcements, I think it gives the impression that I don’t care, or that I’m not happy to be here,” Santoro said. 

Although he is thrilled to be at Creekview, Santoro knows some of his focus may not make all students happy. 

“I think that there should be more lenience for students because last year was hard for so many of them,” Harrison French, junior, said. 

It is also important to get students focused on grades again. Students cannot help but notice Santoro focuses on getting grades up almost daily during his school announcements. 

“I think one of the things that has happened, not just at Creekview, but kind of everywhere else, in the last couple of years, is that we have devalued how important it is to achieve academically,” Santoro said. 

Santoro has made these modifications to better improve the community at CVHS and to encourage all students to be successful.