Grand slams to Grizzly’s assistant principal


Emma Pethel, Staff Writer

Creekview High School’s success from athletes runs deeper with the addition of one of the assistant principals in 2020. One of Creekview’s own assistant principals used to play baseball in college. He played baseball throughout his adolescence, and into college. His past sports experience gives student athletes a role model to learn from. 

“Baseball, I was just, I was way more blessed; I was the Player of the Year in the state of Mississippi my senior year. And that just led me into getting the scholarship for baseball,” Mark Vance, assistant principal said. 

Not only did Vance win a full ride scholarship to Mississippi College for baseball, but he won a scholarship to Samford College for football, as well. In the end, he went to Mississippi College to continue to play baseball. 

“I just knew I wouldn’t be getting a lot of playing time… there’s a lot more people bigger than 6 feet,” Vance said. 

Sticking with baseball, he decided to head down the coaching path. Vance says that he had more talent and skill for baseball than he did for football. He later decided to coach softball for a change of scenery. 

“I have coached for fifteen years at Etowah, River Ridge, and Cherokee High School,” Vance said. 

Since moving to Creekview, Vance has begun a new path of leadership. Vance oversees the crisis management plan, graduation, the master schedule, parking, and substitute teachers. Because of his position at the school, he is not allowed to coach any sports teams. Despite not coaching a team at Creekview, he still finds enjoyment in sports, especially lacrosse. He says lacrosse is a mix of different sports he loves, and Vance can often be seen on the sidelines cheering on the Grizzlies. 

“Creekview’s community, and Creekview’s pride for sports, and just their students, it’s a really fun thing,” Vance said.  

Although his playing and coaching days are over, he is still involved through his sons. He watches them play baseball, and even helps him improve his skills. 

“I still coach my sons’ Little League teams, but that’s not in the world in coaching,” Vance said. 

Vance’s involvement in sports continues as he supports Creekview’s student athletes. He can still get his sports fix, and although he is no longer coaches, Creekview and his sons keep Vance in the game.