Music to their ears


Becca Tyler, Staff Writer

Many students despise the thought of spending their free time studying and often find themselves looking for a way to make the time go by faster. Putting in earbuds or turning on the radio helps kids become motivated to complete their homework. 

“Music can chill your mood and influence good thoughts. You then apply that attitude to your schoolwork,” Jack Teachworth, senior, said. 

Kaiser Family Foundation conducted a poll and found that 53% of students from the ages 12-17 tend to get side-tracked while studying, with a total of 87% claiming to listen to music while doing their work.  

“Music is an effective stress reducer in both healthy individuals and people with health problems. Research finds that listening to soothing music can decrease blood pressure, heart rate, and anxiety levels in heart patients,” The University of Maryland Medical Center, said. 

However, many students prefer studying in silence, as they think music can distract them from completing their studies. 

“Sometimes it [listening to music] can be distracting, but sometimes it is helpful,” Nolan Fader, sophomore, said. 

Many teachers find it effective to have music playing in their classrooms while students work, and some have found that having the class make a playlist of their favorite songs makes learning with music more entertaining. 

“A lot of kids with sensory issues hear the ticking of the clock, or the lights actually buzz[ing], and they can’t focus on what’s going on; they’re focusing on the sounds… so I started doing the playlists,” Marsha Loversky, Advanced Composition teacher, said. 

Music can make the grueling task of studying more enjoyable for many, but for others, it becomes an added distraction rather than a helpful tool.