Ad-Vance-ing the View


Rylie Gramling, Staff Writer

Creekview’s assistant principal has a mission to change the lives of every student he meets. After experiencing a rough childhood, he was able to overcome his struggles and turn them into a passion for teaching. 

Mark Vance’s difficult times during his formative years inspired him to take on an educational profession, as he wanted to help kids who have been in similar situations. Throughout Vance’s life, he has been put into many new situations and learned skills which he believes helps him connect with students.  

“I was homeless part of my life, and so I had a teacher and administrator who took me in and helped to kind of take care of me whenever I was younger, so I kind of had a passion for teaching and administration then,” Vance said. 

After being helped by those mentors in high school, Vance decided to use his knowledge from his upbringing to inspire students to become the best versions of themselves. He learned many skills from moving around as a child that have helped him in his career in education. 

“I think personal skills are my strength. Just being able to go into any environment and adapt, no matter what the situation is,” Vance said. 

His own story aids him in interpreting what students could be going through. While some people may not be able to fully comprehend a student’s struggles, Vance has had firsthand experience which allows him to understand how a student’s home life affects them at school. 

“I am not your story, but I am a similar story. But look at me, I have got a beautiful wife, a nice house, two beautiful kids, cars, and you can have it, too. Even though it does not seem like you can have it now, you can have it, too,” Vance said. 

Vance hopes his journey, a story of overcoming hardships to come out stronger on the other side, helps students who may be struggling.  By sharing his story, he continues to inspire all Creekview students.