Signing off


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Pauline Benton, Agricultural Education Instructor, FFA Advisor, National FFA Teacher Ambassador: I have been at Creekview for seven years, teaching agriculture. Prior to that, I taught 14 years of science at Sequoyah and seven years of agriculture at Cherokee. I love the agriculture/FFA program and will miss my students and colleagues very much. I will always remember that the reason we have a facility is that one of my students was brave enough to tell other adults we needed one. This year in October, we had our first American FFA Degree recipient, which is a moment I am very proud of because of the hard work and effort of that student. I love that the FFA will continue to make a positive difference in the lives of students long after I am gone.  

Grace Dickson, Staff Writer

Summer 2022 is on the horizon; students and staff are preparing to leave school until August, but for some, this will be farewell to the Grizzlies and hello to the rest of their lives. The six retiring staff members share their final thoughts on their time working at Creekview High School: